With unlimited opportunities and earning potential, apply now to become an Axie Scholar under Ultimate Gaming Guild.


Who are we?

We are a team of Axie Infinity players looking to branch out and spread awareness and opportunity for new and seasoned players looking to jump into the NFT gaming space.

Axie with barrels

Why join us?

Fair and Transparent Economics

Scholars get 60% of their earnings. Ultimate Gaming Guild retains 40% to reinvest back into the scholarship program and breeding needs.

Long-Term Oriented

We want you to grow with us. We will get your account energy level higher if you consistently perform well and stay with us. We’ll help you play in external tournaments and keep all your winnings!

Player Coaching

We provide our scholars training sessions with top players from our guild.

Monthly SLP Payouts

We pay out once a month by sending the SLP directly to your Ronin Wallet. No surprises if you have followed the rules.

Robust Breeding Program

We are flexible and will accommodate your playing needs in PvE and PvP to give you the best Axies possible.

Growing Community

We promote for managers within our scholars and have many other exciting opportunities to work with us.



Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where you can earn SLP through battling Axies. You can learn more about Axie Infinity through the official FAQs on their website.

SLP is an Ethereum-based token. The price is market determined (supply and demand based). SLP is burned when Axies are bred, and that’s where the demand comes from.

A Ronin Wallet is required to play Axie Infinity. It allows users to play decentralized applications running on Ronin. Instructions to set up a Ronin Wallet can be found in this article.

Never share your seed phrase with anyone else. Write down your seed phrase and make sure to never lose it.

No. Multi-accounting is against the terms of service of Axie Infinity. 

We ask our scholars to average between 100-150 SLP a day (account reviews will be held twice a month to verify average SLP gained).